TV2 VIP Concept

Conceptualisation of a re-design for a Danish gossip site, Modifications include improving the UX of the website by re-structuring and organising content, reducing clutter and visual noise as well as creating a more current identity for the VIP section of TV2′s popular website.

  1. Love it. Great colour scheme and UI. Looks sleek and modern without putting of it’s target demographic.

    Great work.

  2. very nice

  3. very VERY nice!!

  4. A significant improvement over the current theme that seems uncompleted and confusing. However, their current site is built around the sale of banner ads, where you have not been subject to that obstacle.

    But definitely a nice design and good concept! Works well and very user-friendly

  5. Might i ask why you choose I’m just curious?

  6. Thanks for the comments Anders, my focus for the concept was based more on usability rather than monetization, but you’re quite right – if they do gain a worthy profit from the advertising sales on their site it would be vital to improve the promotion of advertising.

    Re: Choosing TV2 VIP – I have strong connections to Denmark, and it was a favour for a family friend, they mentioned the site could be better and I just kind of took it further to show them would could be done. :)

  7. You are very welcome, i look forward to more intuitive and beautiful designs!

    The reason why i ask, is that I’m from Denmark, and i was wondering how it was possible, that a guy from england knew this site.

    Is your brand name then in any way inspired by Copenhagen?

    When i first saw your website, i thought you to be a agency based in Copenhagen, and i actually thought that the design was already made, so i was a bit disappointed when i visited the actual site, but if i had taken the time to read about the concept i would have known it was only a conceptualization, but it is a really god one!

    It would be fun, to see what you would do with their main page (, and see if you where able to keep the same feel and look of the re-design.

    But i guess you will have your hands full in the future!

    Looking forward to more cool designs and best of luck in the future!

    Med venlig hilsen

  8. I figured you had a very Danish name :)

    The ‘chopeh’ name has nothing to do with Copenhagen, in fact it has little to do with anything – just a name that has stuck with me since I was young. But I can see why you thought that.

    It would have been great to work on their main page, as they have so many different things going on it would be a good task to re-structure and organise all the content. Maybe one day!

    Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to post a comment.

  9. Haha i guess i do :)

    If you choose to do a re-design, please sent out a holla, i would love to see more of your talent but in to good use :)

    No problem, i’ll make sure to stop by again soon :)

  10. Lovely concept! As Anders mentions above you’d probably need to find a way to include at least a 728×90 at the top and a 300×250 in the right column, but it’d still be a VERY strong concept. Good work!

    Oh, and the iPhone version looks beautiful too :-)

    Looking forward to when you ad more work to this section.

  11. Congrats very nice and great work!

  12. Very nice :D

    Did you know when this design comming at TV2 ?

  13. Thanks Kevin,

    Unfortunately, this design will never come to TV2. It was a personal project.

  14. So, you just do these things for fun? that is a good practice, you constantly produce portfolio work and top level… that is great, you are a source of inspration!

  15. @Diego

    I guess you could say this one was ‘just for fun’ – it wasn’t an official project or anything, more like showing a friend what could be achieved with the site.

    Glad it inspires you :)

  16. The web ui is very clean. Really sharp. The identity is an interesting study, but it needs a little refinement imo to make the T V and 2 a little more distinct and readable.

    Some say it’s not the best practice to give away your work as you essentially devalue the work every other designer, but I’m sure you will land more leads from this one, so… more power to you.

  17. @Zaid

    Thanks for the comment. This little project was more about redesigning the website rather than a branding one, so I’m glad you like the UI.

    The ‘TV2′ part of the logo was pre-existing (From the 80′s I believe). I essentially just applied a little bit of an update to it to fit in with the ‘VIP’ website, as what was currently on the site ( really wouldn’t have worked. It’s not the most original twist to the logo, but it kinda fitted into the design and I didn’t want to spend too much time on it.

    The design an was ‘unofficial’ project for a friend, and is never going to be produced into a real project. It was simply something different for me to do that seemed like a bit of fun, no real time was invested into it. It’s not something I am really looking to repeat in the future.

  18. Great work indeed, really nice color scheme. Is it possible to se the design fullsize or just bigger than this?

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Thanks Jonas.

    There won’t be a full-size version of this one I’m afraid; But any future websites that I do that go on to get developed will have a link to the live site.

  20. just B..E…A…utifulll !!!!

  21. You surely deserve it.

    Okay I’m sad to hear. I would like to see it bigger for details as this one really gets to me.

    But thats life :) Keep up the good work, and I look forward to see more of your work.

  22. I like the clean design. I have seen your website also very minimalistic. love to see more work of you.

  23. Just FANTASTIC!!

  24. Great!

  25. very good!!!

  26. Beatifull colors.

  27. Pete, it’s good to see some great stuff from you. It seems that moving to Denmark was an inspiring move, I hope you’re enjoying being here :)
    Indeed a very good layout as I agree the original website requires a redesign.