Custom logotype for DANZK, a Danish culture blog. The logotype uses negative space to give the illusion of complete characters when they are only partially formed.

  1. Love it!

  2. Great work!

  3. Awesome Logotype

  4. Beauty! A bit like Frank Belfast’s logo ( but sexier ;-)

  5. Mate, you know I rate your work! This is a beauty! I’d be really chuffed if I was you! Design me a logo please!

  6. This logo is the sex. Nice website you’ve got here as well.

  7. great

  8. just cool!

  9. fabulous!! Love it! :)

  10. Great work!~

  11. What a wonderful logo!

  12. Playfull typography. Like how the “z” steals from the “n”. Congrats!

  13. Beautiful type. Just remember that the logo were never used and that they’ve had 4 different types over the past 4 years now. :-)