Website Launch

Posted on 23.11.09 3 Comments

Hello! After a few months of tinkering is now up and running.

chopeh is me, Pete Lacey. I’ve been creating great things for nearly 10 years (and some not-so-great things before that). My main forté is graphic design, but it has been known for me to dabble in illustration, photography, video editing, motion-graphics, web development, art direction and even audio recording. If I’m interested in it, I’ve tried it.

In the future this page will be updated with:

  • Current projects being worked on
  • Informative articles on various design topics
  • General musings and witterings from yours truly
  • Links and interesting bits I find on the web

I freely encourage interaction, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment, drop me an email, or even tweet me.

  1. good job, lovin the site

  2. Congrats, love the design! (P.s me next?)

  3. I like the site, especially the logo. Very modern and stylish but ever so simple!