Podio and me

Posted on 13.04.12 2 Comments

So the last time I actually used this blog was well over a year ago with me anouncing my new position at Hoist.

A lot has changed since then.

Over the last 1.5 years I’ve experienced what can only be described as a rollercoaster ride with the then Hoist, now Podio, team. As of Wednesday, I’m now part of Citrix.

I’d like to take a moment to express my thoughts and my thanks to the entire Podio team. 1.5 years ago I took a gamble, I left my friends and family in the UK to move to Copenhagen with my wonderful Danish girlfriend, Rikke. It was a scary time, there were lot of choices I had to make and a lot of things I could have said “no” to. After numerous inverviews around Copenhagen I came to a beautiful, albeit entirely empty, building in Vesterbro. 5 minutes later, I had my eyes opened.

I had a tough decision to make, turn down some jobs at sucessful design agencies here in Denmark, or work with some crazy Danish guys in their echoing office on a little product called Hoist. Looking back, I could have played it safe – taken the agency job, stop my mum worrying about my job future. Had I had done that, I would be full of bitter regret right now.

What I’ve experienced is a shockingly dedicated, passionate and highly dedicated band of misfits working together to create a product that the world *really* needs.

I feel the future is going to be a bright one. Rest assured that my unrivalled focus is still delivering the best Podio you could possibly experience, it’s just now I’ve got a lot more support in doing it. I’m just as excited about the future now as I ever have been.

So right now, I’d like to behave like I’m in a rock band and do a list of thanks.

Thanks to Tommy Ahlers for giving me that call 1.5 years ago, and being a true leader. Jon Froda for being the original rock star. Anders Pollas for being an inspiring designer (although he wouldn’t care to admit it). Kasper Hulthin for quite possibly being the friendliest guy on Earth. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal for asking the right questions. Phil Chambers for his excellent brews. Kenneth Auchenberg, Daniel Pouzemski, Casper Fabricius, Florian Munz, Christian Holm, George Sakkis, Andreas Haugstrup for their bleeding edge development (and their patience with my pixel-pushing bug raising). Sebastian Rehnby for his iOS expertise. Joy Leelawat for designs that make me feel jealous. Michael Dean for taking on every challenge. Gustav Jonsson, Helene Hagnere, Britt Van Slyck and Christian Blomberg for awesome user experiences that I could never deliver in a browser. Adrian Y Roessler, Vo Walle, Ryan Nichols and Julia Judge for getting us the clicks. Lilly Hanscom for her bizaarly awesome copywriting. Jonas Anderson or he’ll kick me in the face. Denise Tham for being a ruthless tester. Also thanks to anyone else I forgot or who has passed through Podio’s doors and has helped shape us into what we are.

Thanks to anyone that ever complimented or criticised my design work, my family, my friends, our users, and a final thanks to Rikke – for putting up with my obsession and supporting me through my moments of self-doubt.

My key takeaway – You’ll regret the things you don’t say “yes” to the most.


  1. Doesn’t seem that long since you were looking for a job out there – time flies! Glad it all worked out for you Pete.

  2. “You’ll regret the things you don’t say “yes” to the most.” So true :-)

    See you at Dribbble meetup next week!