New year, new stuff

Posted on 11.01.10 2 Comments

Is it too late to still be saying ‘”Happy New Year”? I think so.

I’ll admit it, I haven’t been up to much work over the Christmas period. I did have a long list of things to get done but achieved exactly 0% of it. Unfortunately that’s what happens when you get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Guitar Hero 5 as gifts.

Thankfully, I got an array of interesting books recently that really have inspired me to put down the joy-pad and the plastic guitar and pickup a pencil, keyboard and mouse again. Some of them include E Pluribus Venom1, New Typographic Design2, The Fundamentals of Creative Advertising3 and Thinking With Type4.

I’ve got a project on the go at the moment which will lead to a mammoth blog post. Essentially it’ll be a beginning to end article of the design and branding of a new website, complete with a few tips and an insights into the way I work – It may not be the best way, but it’s the way that has proven to work for me.

Whilst I haven’t been busy, some others certainly have been. Creating some great and inspiring content online, here’s some stuff that has caught my eye over the last month:

Despite kicking back and drinking too much. My logo got listed as “one of the best from 2009″ on LogoGala, and this very website won ‘Site of the Day’ at The CSS Awards. That’s not too shabby.

Until that massive blog post, you can keep on top of my day to day doings by following me on Twitter.


  1. Keep up the good work Pete, looking forward to some stunning pieces from you in the not too distant future!

  2. Happy new year to you too :P

    I got Thinking with Type for christmas also, its a very good read.

    Looking forward to seeing the big post, and well done for the logo and site awards.