Big News

Posted on 22.06.10 3 Comments

Firstly, apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been working pretty damn hard recently so that has taken priority over the last few months.

Secondly, I’ve made some big life changing decisions recently:

At the beginning of last week I decided to resign from my current full time job and relocate with my girlfriend to Copenhagen, Denmark.

The next few months are going to be terrifying, exciting and stressful – but I know the end result is going to be awesome. I just love Copenhagen, so the thought of living there really makes my heart pump.

The main issue I’m facing is finding employment over there, “Not a problem!” I hear you scream. Unfortunately, my Danish is as good as my singing skills – terrible. I’m looking for an agency that doesn’t mind taking on an English guy, which is proving the main difficulty. Whilst I’m planning to learn Danish, it’s not something thats going to happen in a few weeks. Also there are limited job postings I can find without bugging my girlfriend every 5 minutes to translate, so I’m looking for a kind of ‘word of mouth’ approach.

Thats why I’ve setup a little mini-site called The aim of the site is to raise a little awareness of myself and to get people to share the site around a bit. It seems to be working, so if you feel like helping out please check it out and share it.

Visit my Copenhagen site

  1. Good luck Chopeh, I’m pulling for you man. Wish I could help more.

  2. Do it!!! Do it now! You’ll be missed in the UK mate, a damn fine designer you are and a loss to us all.

  3. I have often romanticised about the idea of taking off to work somewhere foreign doing what I love doing. But, it’s one thing pondering it in a daydream… actually doing it is a different story!

    It takes balls, that’s fo sho! Fortunately, you are with someone who can act as a translator for the meantime until you learn the Danish language! The thought of having to learn a new language is quite a scary one – I’ve just about mastered English! :-0

    What is Copenhagen like as a City? Would there be many non-Danish people working there?